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Social Concept, Boston, MA Topm Firm, Top Agency, Best Social Media, Internet Mangement

The Social Concept is a unique and dynamic social media, internet presence and technology management firm, founded by Tricia A. Denby in 2017. Our focus is on social media and internet presence through the strategic use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, blogger outreach and blogging to further brand awareness, increase sales and audience engagement. As well as understanding the technology piece of the puzzle.

We treat every single client’s business as if it were our own. We dive into your industry, the data, the roi, and own it. If you knew how excited we get over analytics and metrics you’d shake your head. The bottom line is we are here because we love social media and the internet and are passionate about what we do.

Social Concept, Boston, MA Topm Firm, Top Agency, Best Social Media, Internet Mangement

Tricia A. Denby

President & Founder

Who Is She?

Tricia brings a refreshing breath of air to the social media and internet scene. She enters each project with a unique and dedicated  approach. Clients rave about her kind and patient attitude and are awed by her talent. She is an innovator and visionary when it comes to design and ideas. She believes that nothing is impossible. Tricia is truly a guru of all thing social media and internet.

How'd She Get So Skilled?

Tricia has always had a natural knack for social media and website design and management. She worked for 7 years as the Legal Technology Champion for a large insurance company. She supported the Boston, Chicago, NYC and Philadelphia offices. She transitioned each office to paperless and conducted countless training and consulting sessions on social media applications and internet/office based technology.  Additionally, she designed developed and launched brilliant websites, social media outreach, and email marketing campaigns for law firms, hair styles, fitness trainers and individuals. With her training, self taught knowledge and natural talent she is unstoppable. 

Tricia Denby Social Concept, Boston, MA Top Firm, Top Agency, Best Social Media, Internet Management

Meet Our zany Leader



We are a strategic business partner to our clients and work to drive momentum and traction on mutually aligned growth strategies.


We foster an environment that encourages listening and learning to each other and our partners.


We are always asking questions and hungry to learn more about how we can help our partners grow further.


We are honest and straightforward with our partners on results and deliver on our promises.

Heart and Soul

We are family centric and treat our partners with trust and openness in all of our communications.

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