Our dedicated and experienced team will create effective and dynamic social media profiles for your team. Once your social media presence is established we will monitoring and promote your company on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) while monitoring your online reputation and response accordingly. 

You can run your growing business knowing your company's social media and internet reputation is safe and evolving. 



  • Development and implementation of a business page

  • Crafting appropriate messages to maintain engagement and appreciation of your audience

  • Preparing strategic marketing tactics, events and promotions on a monthly basis

  • Launching a low-­‐budget facebook advertisement based on target audience description

  • Measuring the impact of your facebook campaign through analytics


  • Creating and/or optimizing a profile on twitter

  • Generating a unique base of followers to further your business goals and objectives

  • Utilizing the most effective tools to develop consistent and compelling message

  • Following twitter etiquette to become a part of the community

  • Incorporating trending topics and hash tags to increase the visibility of your message

  • Customizing a twitter background

  • Using twitter as a lead generation tool by reaching out to prospective clients  (lists provided by client or determined by monitoring relevant keywords)


  • Developing, maintaining, managing and updating a business page or group on linkedin

  • Using auto-­‐responder welcome message for new members

  • Sending weekly messages to members  (testimonials, company news, key features to highlight through this blast)

  • Posting about the group and featuring conversations on other networks (twitter, facebook, etc.)

  • Posting discussion topics/valuable information

  • Creating a 1 page internal guide on how employees should participate and help to grow the group

  • For business pages – develop a low budget ad campaign to increase group exposure


  • Creating a company pinterest account and developing unique/clever boards with related company content

  • Ensuring that “pins” drive traffic by embedding website link into photos

  • Determining top key words and captions for SEO purposes

  • Responding to comments on pins in a timely manner

  • Generating feedback from captions on pins.


  • Creating a company instagram account

  • Posting instagram photos on a daily basis.

  • Building a community of instagram users to further expand awareness and increase online presence

  • Using hashtags to ensure photos to show up in relevant instagram streams and are properly indexed

  • Interacting and engaging with customers when they post photos related to the business

  • Hosting instagram contests to encourage audience participation with the brand


  • Creating a google+ business page

  • Sharing photos, videos, links, and other interesting content publicly

  • Placing the google+ badge or a small code snippet on your site

  • Distributing your google+ page link everywhere you communicate online, to encourage people to add your page to their circles so your posts will appear in their stream

  • Adding people after the page has been added to their circles

  • Using circles to get the right message to the right people


  • One on one development of your company’s social media marketing stratergy

  • Working with employees to develop baseline of what to do & not to do in social media

  • Mapping out a marketing calendar to effectively organize your approach

  • Defining clear objectives through website analysis and suggested revision

  • Dissecting and critiquing different ways to reach your audience and maintain engagement

  • Teaching you how to monitor your social media activity

  • Appropriating a response based on particular social media etiquette

  • Understanding how to apply the results to ensure success


  • Generating positive press coverage about your company/brand by working closely with target local, national and industry media outlets (online, print and broadcast)

  • Utilizing our strong relationships with the press.

  • Actively seeking comment, interview, speaking and guest article opportunities for company spokespeople/owners

  • Working with partners to further boost exposure

  • Customized press coverage reports

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